Dornier Do 27

The Dornier Do 27 was a German single-engine STOL utility aircraft, manufactured by Dornier GmbH (later DASA Dornier, Fairchild-Dornier). Configuration was a classic high-wing, "tail-dragger" aircraft with fixed landing gear.

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History of the Do 27


Dornier started investigations on the construction of a light liason-transport and survey aircraft after an announcement of the Spanish Ministry of Transport. C. Dornier jr. was the leader of this group of engineers. The developed prototyp was named Do25. Two prototypes were finally built in Sevilla.


The maidenflight of the first prototyp Do25-P1 was performed at Sevilla/Spain. The aircraft was equipped with a 150 hp Enmasa Tigre G IV B engine. The testprogram was performed until end of 1954 by the spanish airforce. After this time nothing else is known about the fate of this prototype. The second prototype the Do27-P2 was completed in 1954. The powerplant was an Continental O-470-J engine (230 hp). Maidenflight took place on 27th of June 1955. The aircraft was registered as EC-AKY. After Germany had received back it´s national air-sovereignity, this prototyp was brought to Germany and received the registration D-EBUC. The fate of this second prototype is as well not known.


The main construction of the Do27 was completed in Spain. As powerplant the Lycoming GO480-B1A6 was chosen. The difference to the Do27-P2 was mainly the construction of the wing ( 2 pieces), enlarged vertical fin, different doors and rudders and the increased max. take-off weight.

Feb. 1956

The German Armed Forces placed an order of 469 Do27 for the three units Airforce, Navy and Army. In 1957 the order was reduced to 428 aircraft. The Swiss Airforce ordered 7 Do27.


Maidenflight of the first Do27 (# 102) at Oberpfaffenhofen. Registration was D-EKER. # 101 was a static test airframe which was used for chrash-tests only. The first Do27 taken in charge by the Armed Forces was # 103 (Model B1). Civil Registration D-ENAT. Taken on charge as PA+101. Both aircraft, D-EKER and PA+101 were destroyed in 1959 and 1957.


The Do27 is displayed at the Aero-Salon at Paris/Le Bourget.


The first civil Model of the Do27 leaves the productionline at Oberpfaffenhofen. # 2001, Registration D-ENTE. The aircraft was delivered to Prof Grizmek and operated mostly in the plaines of the Serengeti/Tanzania.


Dornier ceased the production of the Do27. 626 aircraft had been built, including the prototypes and 50 CASA C127.


The last (627th) Do27-B3 (#2200) was built to match an order against 2 Do27 which was placed by Rheingau Airservice/Rüdesheim. At this time #2200 (D-EGAO) was built, #2045 (D-EGAP) was overhauled.


The last annual check on a military Do27 was performed by the Armed Forces. This was the end of the Do27 in the military units. In the seventies the German Armed Forces reduced the amount of Do27 step by step. They were sold to private owners, donated to flying clubs or other Armed Forces in foreign countries.

  • 1993 1st International Do 27 Meeting at Braunschweig.
  • 1994 2nd International Do 27 Meeting at Gelnhausen
  • 1996 3rd International Do 27 Meeting at Gelnhausen
  • 1997 4th International Do 27 Meeting at Nordholz
  • 1998 5th International Do 27 Meeting at Kiel
  • 1999 6th International Do 27 Meeting at Gelnhausen
  • 2001 7th International Do 27 Meeting at Herrenteich
  • 2002 8th International Do 27 Meeting at Neuhausen
  • 2003 9th International Do 27 Meeting at Gelnhausen
  • 2004 10th International Do 27 Meeting at Hilzingen
  • 2006 11th International Do 27 Meeting at Friedrichshafen
  • 2008 12th International 20 27 Meeting at Bad Gandersheim

    Estimated number of Do27 flying worldwide: approx. 100

The 627 produced Do27 received following construction numbers:

  • No. 101 up to 526 (military construction branch).

  • No. 601 up to 604 (military construction branch). These 4 Do27 were cproduced by the Luftwaffenparkregiment 2 at Diepholz They were put into service between construction numbers 417 and 418.

  • No. 2001 up to 2200 (civil construction branch). A lot of Do27 carrying a construction number out of this batch were put into military service and delivered to Armed Forces of foreign States.

Following Do27 are airworthy in Germany (01/2021):

152 DEMKA, 160 DEGFR, 173 DEEPJ, 176 DEDNW, 224 DEOZY, 245 DEDCG, 272 DEBDR, 274 DEEAF, 276 DEWRG, 292 DEAJC, 305 DEMNQ, 307 DEMBB, 310 DEIBE, 319 DEOAT, 322 DEKTY, 328 DEIVE,
362 DEBKL, 367 DEDPZ, 381 DEBAC, 388 DEHMA, 389 DEFOB, 390 DEDCV, 392 DEDFL,
395 DEEPN, 396 DEDMA, 398 DEDPR, 401 DEDNU, 452 DEOAC, 459 DEOAD, 471 DEKFG, 472 DENTE, 473 DEOGI, 481 DEOAK, 512 DEBHC, 2021 DEJEX, 2024 DEKUT, 2027 DEMIH, 2059 DEGVC, 2096 DEDDY, 2109 DEFSC, 2200 DEGAO