How many Do27 were built ?

-Between 1955 and 1976 627 Do27 were built, the prototypes included.

How many Do27 are still airworthy ?

-Approximately 60, app.40 in Germany app. 20 rest of the world. None in military service anymore.

What type of engine is available for the Do27 ?

-Certified for the models A1-A4, B1-B5 and Q1, Q4, Q5 is the Lycoming GO480-B1A6 (270 hp), For the model H2 the Lycoming GSO480-B1B6 (340 hp). For the models A1 and A4 is as well the GO480-G1A6 (295 hp) certified. Two Do27 were used for the evaluation of a Astouzu-Turbopropengine and the Continental O-470-K. A certification was never done.

What does the abbreviation GO480-B1A6 mean ?

-G stands for "geared" and states, that the enginge is equipped with an reductiongear. O stands for "opposite" and states, that the cylinders are fittet opposite to each other. 480 is the displacement in cubicinch. 480 cuin equals 7,9 Liter. B stands for the type of powersection and rating. 1 gives information about propeller-type (constant speed). A describes the Accessory Section. 6 give information about the counterweight-application.

What do we have to pay for an overhaul of the engine ?

-In 1999 the price in the Germany was approximately 70000 DM, in the USA approximately 25000 USD.

Is it possible to use a different engine than that ones stated in the typecertificate ?

-Theoretically yes, provided that the certification is done. Attempts failed due to the huge amount of money to be paid for the certification.

What type of propeller is approved for the Do27 ?

-For all models except the Do27-H2: Hartzell HC-82-V20 or HC-A2-V20. For the Modell Do27-H2 Hartzell HC-93-Z20.

Is it possible to convert a Do27, certified for 1570 kg tkoff-weight, to 1850 kg tkoff-weight ?

-Theoretically, yes: The wing has to be exchanged against a reinforced wing. Additionally the fuselage-reinforcement has to be carried out. The tailwheel and its mounting has to be exchanged against the tailwheel of the Do27 with 1850 kg take-off-weight. Last but mot least the mounting (kneeblocks) of the landinggear and the struts must be exchanged. The costs of this modification are not in balance to the achieved result.

How many of the civil Do27-Q-models are still airworthy ?

-Approximately 12 worldwide.

Is it true that the Do27-S2 Floatplane was brought after its crash to the USA or Canada ?

-No, after intensiv research in Sweden it is sure that nothing remained except the floats. The engine was removed after the crash, the remains were brought to a scrapyard. The scrapyard was later closed and houses built on its top.

Is it possible to put a Do27 back to floats ?

-No (except as experimental) , this model was unique and has been cancelled from the datasheet. The floats were not common ones.

How many Do27 are in the USA ?

-The data and ownerships shown on other webpages are partly wrong. Serialnumbers shown in the FAA-Register are partly incorrect (e.g. S/N 664 was never built). Officially there are 18 Do27 in the USA. Not all are airworthy. 15 of them were imported from Israel in the 80´s. They had been used by the Israel Airforce. 1 plane was imported from Canada, 1 from Germany and 1 from France. One of the 18 left the USA for Mexico, 1 of the US-registered planes is based in Venezuela.

What type of certificate of airworthiness (CoA) is issued in th USA ?

-Only the Do27-Q6 mets the criteria for an standard CoA. The Q6 fulfills the requirements of the FAA. The CoA is the one with the designation A8IN.

Is a Do27-Q6 available ?

  • No only 2 were built, both are not longer airworthy.

Is it possible to convert a Do27 to Q6-Standard ?

-Theoretically yes. But the relationship of costs and the amount of work are not in balance. To convert a Q5 seems to be a alternative because the differences of the Q5 and Q6 are not so big. The datasheet A8IN states that Q5-model c/n 2072 could be converted to an Q6 if some minor modifications are done. For details see A8IN.

What kind of CoA is issued by the FAA for other Do27 than the Q6 ?

-All others will be put into the "Experimental-Category". The FAA devides between planes certified before 9th of July 1993 and planes certified after that date. The planes certified before 9th of July 1993 are in a less restrictive category than those certified after that date. See FAA-Order # 8130.27. A Do27 certified today would match the criteria of FAA-Order 8130.27 Group IV.

What is the reason why, except the Q6, the Do27 does not get a standard CoA ?

-The FAA does not accept the older german regulations for constructing aeroplanes. The German regulations and requirements applicable for the Do27 are not the same like the U.S. ones. The Do27 is certified according certification basis BVF 1936 Heft 1 supplemented through BCAR Sec. D. To obtain a standard CoA in the USA the Do27 hat to be certified according US-Regulation CAR Part 3 dated 15th of May 1956 including the amendments 3-1 through 3-6. Basis for an standard CoA is a statement of the German Authority that the german certification basis is identical with the US CAR Part 3. The German Authority will refuse the request because the certification basis is not the same. The Type-Certificate-Data-Sheet (TCDS) A8IN contains following statement: A U.S. Airworthiness Certificate may be issued on the basis of a CoA for Export signed by the representative of the Luftfahrt-Bundesamt (German Aviation Authority), containing the following statement. "The airplane covered by this certificate has been examined and found to comply with U.S. Civil Air Regulation Part 3, dated May 15th, 1956, including Amendments 3-1 through 3-6 and conforms to A8IN".

Is it correct, that a Do27 with 1570 kg take-off-weight is certified for 4-seats only ?

-No, every model can be flown as 6 seated aeroplane provided that the full equipement required for the operation with 6 seats is on board and the weight and center of gravitiy are within the published limits.

Why can´t we use the 45 degree flap setting anymore ?

  • In the eightees several incidents happened when pilots had to execute an missed approach while using the 45 degree flapsetting, trim aft, and max. continous power. The nose of the plane rapidly comes up and plane reaches an unusual angle of attack. The pilot has to react immediately otherwise he could come in severe trouble. He has to push the stick straight forward and trim nosewards, otherwise it could be that the plane will not come back to an stabilized attitude. This behavior does not match modern certification criteria and the manufacturer established the appropriate A/D-note in regard of possible liability for the plane´s behaviour.