News and Information concerning the Do 27

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May 2014

Photo and film shooting with "D-ENTE" for the new movie "Grzimek" completed. Terminated photos following soon.

Okt. 2011

D-ECOX c/n 2018, returned home to Germany and is based at EDUS airfield since September 2011

Nov. 2009

Following Do 27 had been sold from Germany abroad:

D-EAKN Canada 2008 D-EDFS USA 2008 D-EGAP Iceland July 2007 D-EFSC Slovenia August 2006 D-EBJS Namibia Oktober 2006 D-EOAC Italy April 2007

Nov. 2009

D-EAKN c/n 2011 in Canada in restaurationphase to become V-604

Nov. 2009

D-EOAC c/n 452, in Italy in new shape and painting.

Oct. 2008

D-ECOX, Do 27-Q1c/n 2018, sold to UK, still operated under German Registration. British c of a and transfer to British register to be expected late in 2009.


D-EGAP Do 27-Q5, c/n 2045 on the foto left in Germany. Right as TF-TLS in Iceland. the military serial 33+16 was never allocated to the military Do 27 batch in Germany.

23.10. 2007

Good news: G-BNMK (C/N 271) ex OE-DGO left Belfast and is now in Germany. Registration will be D-EFFB based at Rottweil/Zepfenhahn. Congratulations to H.J.G. and the Fürstenberg Fallschirmteam. Foto Opening of Dornier Museum FHN July/2009

Jan 2007

Do 27-A4 (B5), c/n 391, N780AX, ex IAF061, made its first flight in first week of January 2007. Without major technical problems 5 hrs were accumulated. Great Job!!! Congratulations to Luc Martini & partner.


Do 27-A1, D-EDNW (ex 55+46), c/n 176. Foto left as seen in 2005 at Hahnweide fly-in as D-EDNW, Foto right after perfect and beautiful restoration by Markus and Jürgen as 55+46 in July 2006. Congratulations. German LBA approved small registration marks which are almost invisible.


Do 27-A4, N88827 (ex F-BSGL), c/n 453. Brian Meusers Do 27, shown before and after restaurattion as 57+25. Brians Do 27 is based in California. In 2000 the plane was ferried to New York, thereafter in 2001 to .


Do 27-A4, D-EBAT (ex F-BSGK), c/n 451. First Foto showing her with German registration marks. On mor nice plane back in Germany. Have a look for the handpolished exhaust mufflers!!!


New, latest ADs and SBs for Lycoming GO-480 and Hartzell HC-82-V20 or HC-A2-V20. Without any guarantee for correctness. For information only, refer to official FAA/EASA Publication

AD Lycoming EASA 2005-0023

AD Hartzell 971802R1c


Do 27-B3, c/n 402, D-ENJY, A very warm welcome to Lars G. as a member of the Do 27-Restaurationcommunity. After 15 years of storage he purchased D-ENJY to restore her back to flying condition. Foto left 1984 at Breitscheid, foto right: actual condition.


Do 27-B1, c/n 276, D-EWRG, nicely restored as AS+928. Foto taken at Hahnweide Fly-In, thanks to Paul Kidell. Foto left, D-EWRG before restoration in 1999 at Ober-Mörlen. Note: Markings are not in the original military scheme.


Do 27-A4, ZS-LLU, c/n 522, nice air to air shot in 2004 in South-Africa. LLU flies as GB+371 (LTG62, Airtransport Wing), beautyfully restored. Foto right: LLU during bomb-dropping competition.


Do 27-A4 (B5), c/n 391, N780AX will make its first flight soon, after several years of restoration by Luc Martini and Partner. Last registration was IAF061. The plane will show the original IAF paintscheme.


Remains of D-EBUH, Do 27-Q5, s/n 2063 after the crash (engine-failure) at Speyer on 26th of May 2005. Carburettor and fuelpumps are being investigated by the German Bureau of Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigation (BfU). Status-Report of the BfU (In German only): here


Wreck of Do 27-A4, c/n 2108, HC-BNL (ex. G-BMIJ, MAAW14, D-EGVO) which crashed 23 MAR 1990 at Numbaine/Ecuador. Special thanks to Dan Smith (USA), who did a 3 days walk through the jungle in March 2005 to take the photo. Both pilots died in the accident. The Do 27 was overloaded.


Remains of Do 27-B1, c/n 2001, D-ENTE, crashed 10 JAN 59. Pilot Michael Grzimek died upon impact. Wreck discovered in April 2004 at the crater edge of Ngongorocrater/Tanzania in 7600 ft above sea- level. The aircraft hit a griffeon-vulture whilst flying at low altitude.