The different Models

Variant Description
Do 25 Do25-P1, 150 hp Tigre GIVB engine Do 27- P2, 225hp Continental O470-J.
Do 27 Static Test Airframe # 101 and 2 other Do 27 Prototypes (# 102 and # 103 later registered as B1)
Do 27-A1 Basic military production variant, 6 seats, 1570 kg MTOW, undercarriage width 225 cm.
Do 27-A2 As A1 minor modifications (interior).
Do 27-A3 As A1. (but 1700 kg MTOW) with Wheels (8,5 x 10), Reinforced Fuselage and Wing, 1750 kg MTOW.
Do 27-A4 As A3. Undercarriagewidth 272 cm, no vetral doors, 1850 kg MTOW.
Do 27-A5 38 Do 27-A3 converted to A4 Standard. Certificated as civil Model as A4 later.
Do 27-B1 As A1. Dual Controls
Do 27-B2 As B1 apart minor internal modifications and dual brake.
Do 27-B3 As B1. (1700 kg MTOW) with Wheels (8,5 x 10), Reinforced Fuselage and Wing,. 1750 kg MTOW.
Do 27-B5 10 Do 27-B3 converted to A4 Standard. Certificated as A4 later.
Do 27-H1 As B2. Engine Lycoming GSO-480 B1B6 (340 hp), 3-bladed prop, different rudder.
Do 27-H2 As H1. Fuselage like A4 or Q1.
Do 27-J1 As A4. Do 27-A4 delivered to the Belgium Army.
Do 27-K1 As A4. Do 27-A4 delivered to the Portuguese Airforce.
Do 27-K2 As K1. minor technical Modifications. Delivered to Portuguese Airforce.
Do 27-Q1 As A3. Basic Civilversion of the Do 27. Different Interior and Painting.
Do 27-Q3 As Q1. Engine Continental O-470-K.
Do 27-Q4 As Q1. Fuselage as A4.auxiliary fueltanks (2 x 72 l), 1850 kg MTOW.
Do 27-Q5 As Q4. Minor internal Modifications.
Do 27-Q6 As Q5. Internal Modifications, matches FAA-certification criteria (2 built).
Do 27-S1 Floatplane (# 2023). As Q1 later registerd as Do 27-S2. Crashed 2.9.72.
Do 27-T As Q4. Propellerturbine Turbomeca Astazou II (530 hp). 1 Do 27-T1 was built (# 2068).
C.127 As A1. License production of C.A.S.A/Spain.

Number of the different models built

Modell Number
Do 25-P1 1
Do 25-P2 1
Do 27 3
Do 27-A1 175
Do 27-A2 2
Do 27-A3 88
Do 27-A4 65
C127 50
Do 27-B1 87
Do 27-B2 5
Do 27-B3 16
Do 27-H1 1
Do 27-H2 15
Do 27-J1 12
Do 27-K1 16
Do 27-K2 24
Do 27-Q1 16
Do 27-Q3 1
Do 27-Q4 33
Do 27-Q5 13
Do 27-Q6 2
Do 27-S1 1
Do 27-T 1